Aspire for the soul is a space for individuals who are soul searching and are in need of healing, encouragement, growth and/or a boost of faith.

Aspired Ink offers :
  • Free prayer and encouragement to anyone!
  • Consulting services for personal and professional goals.
  • Student and adult coping toolkits surrounding stress and trauma. 
  • Print and pray sessions for groups and individuals who are looking for ways to heal through the arts.
Aspired Ink has :
  • Helped over 140 souls find their way to Christ.
  • Encouraged over 60 hearts to begin the mending process.
  • Assisted over a dozen families in restoration.
  • Guided a number of willing participants in achieving life- long goals. 
  • Provided the Aspired Ink experience for over 1,500 people in 2018.